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design factory Bratislava
11. März 2010 – 4.April 2010


Rede zur Eröffnung der Ausstellung

Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, dear colleagues, friends and families!

It is my pleasure to give honourable mention to the following institutions and firms, without whose support and encouraging engagement this exhibition would not have been possible. The entire venture was developed in close and very friendly collaboration with ‘Spolok architektov Slovenska’, the team from Design-factory and ORTE – Architekturnetzwerk Niederösterreich. We were generously supported by the Austrian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs, the Chamber of Economic and foreign Affairs, Erste Bank and Erste Foundation, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Alpine.
We had two arguments in mind while planning and developing this first step here in Bratislava.
The first I’d like to illustrate with a very personal incidence:
I was born in 1977 in a little Austrian Town called Salzburg. My Growing-up was far away from any political instability or any sort of deprivation. The Warsaw Pact or some strange ‘iron curtain’ was so many miles away until one evening that, for some weird reason, has been on my mind ever since. It was End of September in 1989, I was twelve, heavily expecting puberty and watching the evening news at my grandma’s. The main news of the day was a very poor-quality clip from outside the German embassy in Prague. There were lots of people and up on a balcony stood the German minister of foreign Affairs, Hans-Dietrich Genscher, announcing probably the most famous message in his career. He said: “We have come here today to let you know that your departure has … “ the rest of his words vanish in the joyful screaming of 4000 DDR-citizens.
So even for a 12-year-old it was pretty obvious that something big was about to change. And it has changed; a lot has changed on the political landscapes in Europe over the last 20 years. But still we felt the burden of not-knowing, still we carry the remains of ancient patterns in our heads, still we’re kept within boundaries that, for good reasons, no longer exist.
So we are bringing this growing show to Prague, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofi a to hopefully stimulate and encourage a broader understanding of what this CEE and SEE-thing could mean; and to create living networks and to contribute to the struggle for new frontiers in our heads.
The other thing we had in mind was a little more dangerous: personally, I’ve become increasingly sceptical when Architects try to do Art or when artists try to do architechure. Austria accommodates some of the most  embarrassing evidence of this along its highways. But since the face of Architecture and the circumstanced of architectural production changed so much over the last decade we saw a very specifi c necessity for our colleagues and friends to show what they really do or would like to do without having a school or, even worse, a nasty client on their back.
So we asked 26 architects and teams not to show their latest projects or competition entries but to visualize –within the limits of our Lements- their most urgent and intimate desires towards their profession and their standing within a contemporary discourse. We now find a very extensive selection of shapes and styles, of content and scale, ambitions, materials and medias. And you see hardly any fashionable commitments, but authentic statements and valuable contributions to the recent challenges of what it might mean to be an architect today.
I also have to mention and thank Tomas Amtmann, beside whom we stood at the press-conference earlier today. When asked to introduce or interpret some of the contributions, we found ourselves in a struggle for appropriate explanations pretty soon. At fi rst I was a little nervous, but then even happier not to know what this precisely is and what it really means.
This is not a reproduction of what we’ve seen all over the place; these pieces are no best-selling-projects on the boring basis of an indirect snob-appeal. This is reaching out for something different. This is reaching out for new frontiers!
I thank you all for coming …

Florian Medicus.